ALL SAINTS' CHURCH - The Church by the Queensway Roundabout

Serving God in Southend for more than 140 years.

Picture of All Saints' Church West Entrance

We need your help to keep our beautiful church for future generations.

May I invite you to read about our appeal?

All Saints has been a beacon of God's love and commitment in our corner of Southend sine 1886. We need to be able to offer our support to all in our community for the long-term future. Thousands of people have been christened, married and had their funerals at All Saints. We are committed to working for the people in this area and to provide a church building which is structurally sound, aesthetically beautiful, and fit for use in the 21st century.

Our church buildings are used to support many community groups - young families' groups, residents' associations, groups supporting vulnerable adults, guides, brownies and rainbows - to mention a few.

With our improved building, we will be able to do so much more.

Please join us in prayer for the Church and the area we serve. If you can, please help us by giving to our Major Project Fund in any of the ways outlined below.

Thank you.

Rev'd. Neil Paxton, Vicar of All Saints, Southend-o-Sea

Our Plans

Phase 1

Are bricks held together or held apart? Many of our bricks are not held at all! We need to have all our brickwork repointed. As All Saints is a large Victorian brick-built church, this is a big and expensive job. It is something we have to do to keep the building weatherproof. As well as our general appeal, we have a 'Bag-a-Brick' fund for smaller donations. For each £2 you give, you can dedicate a brick in memory of a loved one or to mark a special occasion. A register of those who give will be kept in a special place in the church.

Phase 2

Picture of Nave from back towards the altar

The interior of the church is very attractive. We want to enhance its Victorian Gothic Style with much more sympathetic lighting, which can be easily maintained, and will be environmentally friendly. This will make the church a place, which is more attractive for weddings and other events in your life.


Phase 3

We have three small rooms to the North side of the church building. Our vision is to transform these into a meeting room for 70-80 people and a small functional kitchen. These will be available for community and church use. We will be installing central heating and hot water to these rooms.

Phase 4

Provision of modern toilet facilities with access for all. This will need major structural work, including levelling of flooring and provision of ramps to provide easy accsss.


  • The first update on the Project was provided by Fr Neil in July 2012.
  • At the end of 2014 the first plans were in place for the chandelliers and negotiations took place with the diocese with regards to the financing of these.
  • Finally in September 2015 the chandelliers were getting hung up. At the time the active congregation was following the events on facebook, where the progress was documented daily.  
  • In mid-July 2018 the Meeting room was completed. This replaced the vestry and provides another venue for other groups to use the newly acquired space. The formerly tight-fitted wardrobes for the vicar's garments were rearranged, and a special area for the flower arranging material with a shelved cupboard, and a heavy door to hide it all created.
  • In August 2018 construction started for our Prayer Labyrinth in the church garden. This was completed in November 2018. The Diocesan Bishop Stephen has blessed the installation in a special ceremony at Easter 2019. With benches cemented around the Labyrinth we hope that people will enjoy the church garden now and for generations to come.


Please make cheques payable to "All Saints' Parish Church Daisy Brown Fund", or you can donate via the PayPal Donate button in the menu on the left hand side .

For standing orders and Bag-a-Brick or, if you would like more info, please contact our Treasurer Penny Alexander on 01702 464997 or

The church is open on Wednesdays from 9.30 - 12.00, if you would like see what we are hoping to do or to donate in person.

Print a Support Declaration, complete this and return it to the address at the bottom of the form.